The City Commission pledged its Commitment to Children and youth through a resolution on January 17, 1995 adopting the community defined standards for children in Kent County established in “Our Children, Our Future”. Our Children shall be valued as critical assets and resources in the community. Summaries of these standards are as follows:

All children should:

-Be wanted and cared for by a mature and nurturing adult.
-Have received appropriate, comprehensive prenatal care that is affordable, accessible, and sensitive to diverse cultural needs.
-Have nutritionally sound food three times daily.
-Have clean clothing and shoes.
-Have a home that is clean safe and affordable.
-Have access to community support services.
-Have adequate supervision at all times.
-Have an equal opportunity for affordable and accessible early childhood education.
-Be able to learn life skills that reinforce the development of self-esteem, self-respect and self-reliance.
-Be able to learn from adults who demonstrate the understanding of and sensitivity to diverse cultures.
-Have a parent or guardian who work in settings were family is a priority.
-Have opportunities to be supported emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually by a community of faith.
-Be exposed to a positive and hopeful future.